Face Off: Kipling vs. Gypsy

The calmness and repose of an older dog is lovely to experience.  An older dog can bring such comfort.  Here are two lovely older pups, Kipling and Gypsy.  Don’t they both look like a dog to whom you could tell your secrets?

At last. Relaxed Kipling, chillin’ near the fireplace.
Gypsy, the standard poodle, is chill and responsive in the studio.

Jack and Kipling, Models for a Day

These are a couple of sweet older dogs.  Jack is the little guy and Kipling is the bigger fellow.  You can’t see the nervousness as much in Jack, he was game for anything but Kipling was concerned.  About all aspects:  a stranger in the house, a camera bag and especially Light Stand.  Light Stand was particularly worrying.  Kipling’s person said that he doesn’t much like photos at all so it is no wonder that he spent most of the session with the, “I’ve Seen Things” expression.  He tried his hardest because he loves his person.  Also, there were treats.

Jack! Such an adorable little face.
Here is Jack and his teeth. When I saw his face I made a whimpering sound that meant, “oh how cute!”.
Jack in a hat. It was the very day of St. Patrick.
Kipling, worrying.
Facing toward his light, like a good model but with nervous eyes looking for some reassurance.
At last. Relaxed Kipling, chillin’ near the fireplace.
Kipling. Crushed by the enormity of expectation and the pressures of hat wearing.
Then there was this cat. I couldn’t resist.

Face Off: Brutus vs. Rip

Two big dogs and their big-dog-smiles:

Rip’s big smile.
Brutus is enthusiastic about everything.

Two dogs and a Photographer Walk into a Park

Charlie is 7 months old and is trying so hard to be good.
Rip is a calm, beautiful giant.
Charlie, super cute with a bow on top.
Rip’s big smile.
Humm? Did you say, “ball”? Rip thinks hard on this for a bit.
Epic pose. Easy for Rip. AP Physics for Charlie.

Face Off: Mocha vs. Kiya

Mocha, the poodle posing with great dignity.
Kiya! This ridgeback is elegant even when she is chilly.

Face Off: Kiya vs. Thunder

Dogs standing on things!

Tiny Thunder makes this apple crate look huge!
Elegant, strong Kiya poses on things. This time it is a large snowball.

Tricksy Dogsies

My uncle Jacob had, in succession, three cute dogs.  All were friendly and smart.  All were called Tricksie.

Here is a little dog from Small Dogs Studio day this month.  His name is Yuko and Yuko does tricks.  I have discovered that it is challenging and fun to photograph dogs doing tricks.  So when you book your dog in for either Small Dogs of Big Dogs, let me know if there could be tricks!

Look at Yuko go!

Senior Dog: Kobe

I have met Kobe several times in his home and he has always growled at me.  In small dog studio, he wasn’t in his own territory and there were no growls.  He even scampered over for a scratch! Huh.  I think Kobe likes me!

Kobe, the sports fan, has excellent posture.
Kobe is a proper gentleman in his basket.

Face Off: Cooper vs. Andy

Cooper is a little dog who has sleepovers at my house.  Andy lives nearby.  You can expect to see them turning up now and then in the series!

Little Andy looks like he is thinking deep thoughts. He is watching Gemma, his person, who has the treat bag.
Cooper looks delicate in his little bed. He actually thinks that he is a huge dog and no one can tell him any different.